We have guests who booked three nights and after the second night informed us that due to a call from work they could only stay two nights and asked to get their money back for the third night. They were really good guests and said "if we could"....We always accept any of requests of our guests like changing dates and similar but this put us in a bit of an awkward situation-realistically with their reservation they blocked that date for other potential guests and our unit will be left empty because they inform us a second day late in the evening. We informed them that we had opened a unit for that day and if anyone else booked we would refund them. What are your experiences and what you do in similar situations?

BrookAve 3 years ago




First and foremost they are NOT entitled to a partial refund, that is never a thing.

Like you said if you get a booking to take it then you may consider it, but again no entitlement for them.


Its literally that clear cut, dont over think it.




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