I need to know if you help your partners with a repayment of 25% (like airbnb).

because we loose all our reservations in march, april, may and june.(coronavirus).


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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Hervé


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Primarily responses will be from other partners or BdC Communities Team (which is not the BdC support team).


The simply answer is BdC will not be doing that. and have not announced any plans to do so.


You should monitor this as it updates either daily or weekly

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How did you loose bookings for after May ?


There is no FC /FM conditions to apply to bookings that far ahead and normal cancellation policy applies. i.e. if you set u pa penaility fee then you are entitled to it.


Having said that it may be smarter to deal with the guest directly to prevent them from requesting full refunds.


i.e. get ahead of itm and offer :


1. same number of nights for a later time in 2020 and must book directly

2. same number of nights for up to 12 months later from originally arrival date., and must book directly

3. credit value  for up to 12 months

4. 50% refund after recieving payout from bdC , if you use payments by booking.  Note: its only 50 of what you receive and not 50% of what they paid BdC.

5. 50% refund if direct prepaid.


Note deposit by their nature are always non-refundable, so someone who prepays depost only and not the actual rate , are not enetitled to a refund of the deposit.

As that is the whole point of a deposit in general terms.




In terms of financial support most if not all countries are or have implemented a Financial Package, you should talk to your local civil service office or social welfare office to see what you can apply for .



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