Help, Booking.com is miscalculating my prices on every single reservation and selling my rooms at discount prices.


I have a massive issue with Booking.com and so far they have simply referred me to different services without actually solving my issue. It is a MASSIVE problem for my business and I suspect a legal liability for Booking.

It has happened on every single one of my reservations with a promotion applied, except for the 30% Protected Rate which is the ONLY one that is calculated correctly.

I will explain briefly, with real examples.

My room has been sold for 3 nights, 6-9th of December at my Standard Rate with a 23% Genius dynamic reduction.

The room has been sold for 56€ per night. Now comes the problem. My Standard rate at these dates is 84€. 

84-23%=64,68€. There is a 8,68€ discrepancy per night between the correct price and the price the room was sold for. In fact, with my current settings, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the room to be sold at 56€. Booking is literally setting a price for me that I never agreed with.

I have been on Booking for years I know exactly how their promotions compound and are calculated. This is simply a gross mathematical error. It has happened on EVERY SINGLE ONE of my reservations for what I suspect to be months and months. There is a massive cost associated to this for my business. This could be in the thousands.

I need answers.

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Sammy & Evi 1 year ago

Hello, we have also the same problem, can anyone tell us how we can solve this?


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