Hotel WEGO ID:- 4876175 we have already made all dues clear but not update in extranet

Greetings from Hotel WEGO!!!

In response to the chain messages, we would like to inform that we have already made all dues clear.
Payment slip is being attached as supporting element for the same.
Request the team to not suspend the future bookings.
Hotel WEGO ID:- 4876175
Kindly do the needful and update us accordingly.
invoice number-3001732330-amount-739.78
invoice number-1576825751-13316.33
invoice number-3001689205-479.59
invoice number-1575824323-8632.82
invoice number-3001685264-80.98
invoice number-1574333783-1457.18
total amount paid-24708/-
via bank transfer-reference number-S71672254
-Greetings from Hotel WEGO!!!