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How to become eligible for Payments by

Hi everyone,

My property is in South Africa and, due to increased security measures, I can not charge the credit card without the guest approving it on their bank app, which they are not going to do if they make fake reservation, if they don't show up or if they just cancel it on the day. This means that I can not get my money in case of "No show" or late cancelation. That further means that my Cancelation policy means nothing. Chasing guests via WhatsApp or email to do some down payment is time consuming, very often unsuccessful and can look unprofessional. The only thing I want is that guest must pay the full amount on the time of booking. Nothing else. 

That's why I decided to ask to facilitate all my payments and I struggle to do so since January. I did call them numerous times, did everything I was ask to do and still nothing. I was advised to change payment options, which I did, and accept only cash, no credit cards. I did delete even virtual credit card option. I also know that my country and city are eligible, because lots of my friend are using this service. Actually, I know the people being eligible from day 1, as soon as they activated their property and I am a partner for 5 years now!!!

The answer I got last time is "be patient, it takes a long time". Now it's 3 full months.

I know where I will find it, under Finance tab and I already read all the articles here, but nobody explains HOW to become eligible for Payments by

Does anybody have any advice?

Thank you in advance,


PS: I will just add that my property is very small, only 2 double rooms to let, so if someone block 1 room during holidays, my loss is significant! 

Charlene Bekker 11 months ago

I agree. It's entirely unclear what the eligibility requirements are for Payments by Booking

Winlady Shoo 5 months ago

Were they able to successfully address your problem? I'm facing numerous instances of "no-shows," and I'm struggling to find any information about whether my country qualifies for payment from

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Sandra Miler D… 5 months ago

Yes. After 8 months of constant complain I finally got the "Getting paid" tab on my Extranet, under Finance bar. That resolved the issue and I currently receive payments by