How can I Join and List Properties WITHOUT Payments By Booking.com

I want to be able to use my channel manager, apply damage deposits, and take credit cards -- but it defaults to Payments by Booking.com and after many calls I can't seem to get this to change. 

What types of properties or owners or ?? allow me to use my own payment systems?

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BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi James,


Which C.M. is it? No reason you cant do all that. Sounds like you already have another OTA in use with the CM and can take direct payments


So I don't need to mention https://sumup.com/booking  signup for booking users.


If you don't have anything already setup then contact sumup.com and tell them you are with Bdc and you want the signup offer URL for your region.


for IE it looks like https://sumup.ie/bookingie


You can probably use that and then let it redirect you to your region/country.


Or just message them to confirm that correct url.


You will need your property URL link as part of the process.



In extranet Account menu under channel manager look for your CM to see what features are supported by it.






James Matthisen 3 years ago

Thanks Barry.

I'm using Your Porter App -- and they report having many booking.com accounts working great... fully connected.

Somehow, though, bdc has given mixed messages -- but has not been able to let me escape the PaymentsByBooking.com pathway. I have tried 2x before -- once it let me say "accepts credit cards" but then over-wrote with Payments by Booking. I'm trying the third time now -- and I did speak with a local bdc rep who said it should work.... so I'll try again.