How can we cancel a guest's booking and waive the fee that she had paid?

Dear all,

Due to the Coronavirus, there is a case that the airport was closed so the guest cannot arrive.  It was just a one-night booking, checking in on 22nd March, and checking out on 23rd March.  Since the dates had passed, we cannot find a way to cancel the booking from our side, neither can our guest cancel from her side.  So what are the steps we can do, so we can waive her fee as well as our commission at the same time?


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fluff 3 years ago

When a guest does not arrive at your property you must ALWAYS use the "No show" button on the right hand side of their booking on extranet.

Then you can select whether to "waive fees" or not.

Job done.

Hotel Love and Light 3 years ago

Thanks so much fluff!  But I guess it is too late, because the "No show" button can only be used within 48hours of checking out date>.<

Julie Gettings 3 years ago

Due to covid-19 we have guests arriving from Germany in June 27th to 30.  We have informed them that there is a 14 day quarantine and that we would rather they cancel and rebook another time, but to date have not received a reply.  Is there anything else we can do?



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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi Julie,

Have you informed booking.com about this problem???

Maybe they have other ways to contact your guests for you...just a thought...

Wish you well.