How canceled a reservetion

Hello, for reasons of the coronavirus in my country today they announced quarantine. nobody can go out and you can only go out for an hour and a half to buy food. The house I rent is 1 hour away.

Today it was given to someone from Panama for renting in the midst of the crisis and booking won't let me cancel because it says it's in 48 hours.

What should I contact customer service where is that?

BrookAve 3 years ago


First check with the guest, phone them to see if they are still planning on coming, then read this:



At bottom of that page:


3. The cancellations process
  1. Should a guest look to cancel or modify the dates of a reservation, either through our website, our self-service tool or via Customer Service, we will facilitate the completion of that action.  
  2. By using the self-service app, guests can cancel the reservation themselves without requiring additional actions from either the property or Booking.com.  
  3. If a guest reaches out to your property to request a cancellation or a rescheduling of their reservation, you can handle this request yourself. There is no need to refer guests to our Customer Service Center. Information on how to handle these reservations can be found here.



Kind Regards, Be Safe , Be Well