How to charge a no show?


Started b&b about a month ago.

Had first noshow two days ago.

I want to charge the noshow person as per my cancellation policies.

I marked them as noshow on pulse, and indicated to booking.com I wanted to bill them.

booking.com supplied me with their credit card details, but NO cvc number

I use iZettle card reader to process onsite card payments, i don’t think izettle can process remote payments

How can I charge the noshow guests credit card? (Noshows should not be able to just not show up and not pay imo)

I am based in the uk, if anyone has advice about how to charge the noshow, it would really be appreciated


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Ken,


That sounds like at least two issues:


  1. Virtual Terminal This type of  PoS service is needed in order to charge card info when card not on site; such as a VCC Virtual Credit Card; Guest over phone passes card info. example Payrexx.com , sumup.com  
  2. NoShows  & Policy So typcially it depends on how payment is collected. If no prepay as I understand it, and no show, there is no guarantee of payment. Nothing to force guest to honor it.


This is why I use Prempayment  via Payments By Booking .com

Another option to charge VCC is enable Online bookings where BdC sends you a VCC instead, then on check-in date or out, and should no show, you can charge based on your policy.







Kind Regards



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