How to contact someone on the Finance Department

Hi Guys,


Finding someone that speaks good English and can help us with our Financial overview, what has been paid and what is owed by Booking.com is turning out to be a Nightmare.


Any contact details of a Finance Department would be Appreciated.



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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Oi, not nice.

When you login to the Extranet of BDC on your computer you will find 10 tabs at the top.

The finance one is the 9th one, just before analysis.

you can ask for a specific person that can help you with your accounts.

Hope that helps.


Aaltje B.

Alacardecpt 4 years ago

Hi Aaltje,

Thanks for the info, I know where the Finance tab is but unfortunately there is no way to send a message or ask for a specific person to help me. Not in South Africa anyway.



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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

OK, I hope Leandri will look into your question since she is from South Africa and experienced host.


Aaltje B.

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Hi Leandri,

Could you double check what's going on with Alacardecpt her financial overview situation, please?

Or Thuild / Marco please.

Many thanks.


Aaltje B.

Admin 3 years ago

Hi there,
I am trying to make the commission payment for booking.com through bank transfer but it's way too expensive for me !! It costs me extra of USD35 ... so i m trying to know if there is any other option like credit card for making a payment ? Please let me know as soon as possible since my payment is due for 18th may

Daniella Uzice 1 year ago

Hi I have been trying for the last month to contact finance department as I want to pay invoice by debit card as by bank transfer is too expensive the charges I got on my last invoice was more than the commission. I’ve messaged no one is responding tried calling the line is dead. Can someone advise please

Cba Hotel 3 years ago

hi i have been requesting to wave no show commission, we mark as no show but

you reject our dispute as we did'not mark wave commission, amount is huge for us to pay uncollected money. pse wave it so that we can pay the rest.

booking ref. ***

regards cornel

One On Hely 3 years ago

Totally agree - getting hold of someone is a nightmare and takes up more than just a considerable amount of time. If it is indeed a partnership it should be easier to navigate.

My statement is not correct - can someone please contact me?!


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Community Admin 3 years ago

Dear One On Hely! Thanks for posting in the Community!


This Community was created for property owners like yourself to help each other.


If you would like to contact Credit Control department or Customer Support team, you can do it via your Extranet. 


If you believe your invoice is incorrect, please write us a detailed message via Inbox (select topic "Finance") and our Credit Control department will get back to you. 


Best regards!

Jack Wallace 3 years ago

How do I contact either one? There is no evident option to do so. Payment is late (my first from Bookings.com) -- it was due 2 days ago (it's now been 12 days since check-out). Who do I contact about this AND HOW?  Please don't sent me to a page with no option for doing so, just a link to an FAQ page I have to search through that ultimately only leads back to pages like this.

Shiermie Bautista 2 years ago

Hi Admin,


Greetings from Philippines! 

I would like to up the payout of booking ref # *** dated last Oct 3-4 2020. Under property name Luxury Designer Bungalow. According to BDC operator, we suppose to receive the payout last Oct 18, but we didn't receive anything. Please kindly assist. Thank you

Best regards,


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Yong's Place a… 10 months ago

Hello, who is in charge of the Finance team, I am so UPSET as to why this Department is INCOMPETENT, Liar, scammer and NO COMPASSION to a partner like me. I am contacting you for over two months and now I still haven’t received my payout. The experience that I am encountering is, that this slow-moving neuron Department has no concrete answer to my concerns  they just sending a copy-paste answer, shame on you!!. To the Finance Team, please explain!!

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi Jack 

Are you using your pc or smartphone ? 


I get what you are saying. Booking.com handles all my payments from guests. They where suppose to pay out a certain amount but was short by R1080 - I took it up with booking.com and they assured me that finance department will sort it out. NEVER DID!!! my last booking was for R490 a night. R79.90 was booking.com commission THEY ONLY PAYED OUT R132.50 




2 years ago

Hello DEBBIE FERREIRA! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for your comment. So you reached out to the support, right? I'm not sure other partners can help you with it. 

Masello Pholosa 2 years ago

Good day

My name is 'Masekhali Pholosa the core owner of Phokeng guesthouse ID

***, I kindly asked booking.com finance department to waive away the disputed booking numbers which are 1. *** 2. *** 3. *** 4. *** but my request was rejected.

The reason of not paying the outstanding invoice was, there was a total national lockdown in Lesotho hence Phokeng guesthouse was forced to close for three weeks. By so saying we were not able to mark no shows

there is no person we can specifically contact

BrookAve 2 years ago



Your next step /action is to message or phone BdC PartnerSupport those numbers  and ask for them to be marked as no shows, so the system can then reconcile .


see below


Reminder you cannot do either of those two actions requests or any action request on here.


 Message or Call BdC PartnerSupport ***


  1. In the extranet, go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.
  2. Select ‘Booking.com messages’.
  3. Right Pane - Click on ‘See Contact Options’
  4. Choose Account
  5. Now choose Other
  6. Then at bottom , See all contact options, and click Message or Call
  7. As there is no one number for all partners, the number for your nearest BdC Partner Support is then revealed.


*** public main lines via Where you can reach us



how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox



Kind Regards

Janel Mayer 1 year ago

completely agree, I have only 5 tabs and none say finance

BrookAve 1 year ago


you do , you just have to increase the width of your browser


when the browser width is not the normal width, it will show on the Right end of the menu bar 3 dots and a drop down to select it from. its Literally right in front of you.


example 1: shortened browser width  with the 3 dots MORE drop down






example 2 when the browser page width is 1200px wide, fully visible


1200px wide


Example 3 : web browser on a mobile phone.

top left the hamburger menu, you click on that to get the full menu list.

mobile web browser


Mark Springham 11 months ago

We are chasing Booking.com for a payment for over £15,000..... Booking.com just keep telling us to check our bank details. We've done this and everything is correct. They never read any message and are pretty useless.

We've given them until 12:00 GMT tomorrow to pay before we pass this onto our lawyers.



BrookAve 7 months ago


  • How To Contact finance Dept
  • Note : finance are not like support teams they only work normal office hours in different timezones.


finance contact