How do I change my account to Booking.com charging guest instead of me charging guest

Currently, our account is set up to where booking.com provides us the guest credit card info and we charge the guest. How do we have our account changed to where booking.com charges the guest and than pays us?


I have asked booking.com customer service and it seems no one knows. 

BrookAve 3 years ago



BdC CS  is only for guests.


You need to contact BdC Partner Support instead, see guide below for the two main options, under Extranet.


The service is called Payments by Booking.



Info & sign up on this page: Payments by Booking.com

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Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide


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Roger Winfield 3 years ago

Hi David




My posting here may be too late to help you but I hope that the information can be used by other hosts to save them hours and hours of grief.

I may just be unlucky but I have nothing but problems since I decided to switch over to 'Payments by Booking.com'  It is a nice idea in principle but the whole system is a complete nightmare.  

Deductions are taken for future booking commissions randomly, and not related to invoices, from your payouts and they are almost impossible to reconcile in any understandable way.

Invoices totals for commission deductions show different amounts when compared to reservation statements.

The dedicated 'finance phone helpline' shown on your finance section of the intranet just takes you to recorded loop of six options and it is impossible to reach a human on that number. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME CALLING IT.

The normal host contact number has option #3 'Questions about invoicing or commission payments' here you will reach an operator that cannot access your invoices or commission deduction information.  They will simply record your question and relay it to the finance team. Do not expect a reply from them within the promised time frame of 3 days.

You can use the dedicated messaging system from within the intranet, again do not expect a response or acknowledgement.

Come on Booking.com sort out the system so we can resolve simple matters directly with a human that can see the invoicing and payout system.


BrookAve 3 years ago

Dear Comma, 


A comma is not a name, kindly take the time to fix that and set an actual name , like your own or a short name for your listing at least at a minimum not hiding your partner profile.


PbB - Yes it is not the same experience of woes as we are all in different regions/countries.


I have noticed the common complaints about it are 90% APAC, 10% other.

And the root cause is never the same , and the details on the post are few and far between and usually comes down to a misunderstanding.


Phone numbers are different by region /partner that is why you should not share yours .


Yes Finance phone number is pointless , first message them , then phone BdC Support, so its then properly logged.


The alternative to PbB, is enable prepay and use OnlinePaymetns , where BdC issues  and attaches a Virtual CC to the details page.


You need to get setup with a payment service provider 


e.g. https://sumup.ie/bookingie/


Kind Regards



Roger Winfield 3 years ago

Thanks for your reply. I have added a name to replace the comma, i wrongly assumed that as I signed in using my B.com account that it would add that vital detail automatically. Hope that's ok now.

Can you let me know what APAC is? 

We have been collecting payments from guests successfully for a while now but thought the more streamlined PbB looked attractive so decided to try it. 

kind regards

Roger Winfield 

BrookAve 3 years ago

Welcome Roger,


Yes it did seem strange and usually many asian partners do it.


APAC is the region term for ASIA  Pacfic region , with the others being Americas and EMEA.

For the last 5-6 months in IE/UK it appears all PbB Payouts changed to weekly or monthly on thursdays, and then switched to full payout and no commission deducted.

This caused some confusion, and to make it even more confusing the footer of the invoices says do not pay it unless your next balance will not cover the dues.


Kind Regards