How do I charge guests for pets

I allow guests to stat with their pets for a small additional charge. Is it possible to make this additional charge via Booking.com, or do I simply provide the guest with my bank details (which seems like poor user experience)?

BrookAve 2 years ago



Hi Oliver 


Unfortunately, you can only

  • Enable the policy ,for Pets as Feee or Fee applies;
  • Add a photo of pets and text on top saying fee applies;
  • Update Message Template for New Reservations with a Pets Policy include fee amount and how they prepay it or pay on arrival;
  • Add a similar note into Fine Print area too.


Kind Regards


PS: if it was on the additional fee section of policies, this will be effected by the commission % as part of the sum of all totals.


So its better to collect it yourself.


IF you can access to REVOLUT the smart phone banking app, thats also a handy way of taking additional fees direct (via IBAN Nor your unique Revolut pay link or phone number as a reference.



Oliver Beckett 2 years ago

Thank you for this comprehensive answer. It's a shame that Booking isn't as sophisticated as AirBnB!