How do I integrate Stripe as my payment method? 


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I am wanting to accept credit cards on my listing, therefore I signed up to Stripe Payment system but I dont know how to integrate them together. 

etablissement : 



I would appreciate anyones advice




BrookAve 3 years ago


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Thanks for providing the listing link, if you only have one listing: please add it to your profile , this is the part of the link used without the ? stuff suffix:




  • Taking CC/VCC payments
    • So stripe.com by itself is typically only used if you have a website page/booking engine outside of BdC.
    • They would give you some web dev code to include and or configure on said website so Guest sees a checkout system to use.
    • So when the BdC system gets a new booking , there is no relation ship with stripe.com at all only with you., i.e. it happens separately
  • BdC Online Payments - Alternative simpler option for prepaid CC/VCC
    • BdC offers for FREE, Online Payments service.
    • This allows Guest to prepay BdC system
    • BdC System generates a VCC card details and attaches to reservation details page, but remains hidden until 1 day after check in day.
    • Note: Property >Policies : Must enable prepayment otherwise NoShows, cancellation policy fees will never get a penny from Guest
  • The Ideal solution -  Payments By Booking
    • Where similar to above and they do it all for you


Signup and video pages 



(31) Booking.com: Online Payments - YouTube





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Maikol Vega Suarez 6 months ago

Ive been trying to get payments by booking for like 4-5 months no success.