How do I stop Bogus Reservations

I get reservations that appear to be fine but they do not have a valid telephone number, address and zip code. So when I mark as a no show I am unable to charge them. 


Why does this happen on Bookings and not on Expedia?

How can I stop it!



Gene Rowland 4 years ago

We are also having this issue. We just joined Booking about a month ago, and have so far had five fraudulent reservations under those same conditions. No address or valid telephone number given, and the credit card was declined when our reservation system tried to charge the deposit. All we can do is mark the reservation as "invalid" but that still leaves it on the books for 24 hours before it's removed. We're approaching our busiest season, and if these fraudsters take up a room for multiple nights for even 24 hours, it could be devastating to our business. We are a small bed and breakfast with only 11 rooms, we cannot afford these kinds of blatant oversights in BC's system. What else can we do?

Mahir Suljić 4 years ago

Hello, I have same problem. I see telephon number. But what I can do? How I can charge?

Paynesville In… 4 years ago

We are having the same - although it has been 8-10 rooms a shot for the last 3-4 months.  This happens to us once a month!  Invalid cc, bogus name, address, etc.  It is time consuming and could be devastating for a business. Taking 25% of my occupancy off the market on a given day!