How do I submit a query about my payments?

Hi there, How do I find out when and if I have been paid for a booking?

BrookAve 3 years ago




In general using the Extranet Finance Menu you should be able to observe statements, invoices and the next pay out date.


Dont forget to make sure you are  correctly setup for :


Getting Paid - https://admin.booking.com/hotel/hoteladmin/extranet_ng/manage/pbb_info…


I usually reccommend you sign up for :


Online Payments - if you have the tech to charge CC,VCC etc , better to turn on prepay so the VCC are all Booking dot com issued VCC.

Payments by Booking - for zero hasstle and lower admin tasks, have everyone prepay BdC


See solutions section above for sign up details

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Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide

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