How do you know if guest has paid for booking

Pulse app shows guest paid online yet guest has had transaction go through on their bank yet. Can I not set it to payment to confirm booking.

BrookAve 2 years ago

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Hi Sandra


Do not use pulse app, use Extranet on a PC browser, for fully functional features.


Open their reservation, and scroll down to rate & payment info.


Near the top is Payment Status, if you have Payments by booking enabled and they prepaid, you will see - booking handles your payment


scroll down to see Payment Details


'you have not said how you are setup for payments ??


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Sandra Cloete 2 years ago

I use the pulse app


Payment method shows - bank transfer

Payment status - the guest has paid online

Have never had a problem but this is the second time a guest has asked me if payment has gone through as it hasnt gone off their side on bank statement. I always thought payment was made at time of booking.



BrookAve 2 years ago

Sandra, do both of us a favour and use a PC browser before resuming using the pulse app. 

Do not rely on only the app.



Now I think you have not even setup a payment policy and method.


confirm how you get paid? i.e. how you set it up?


Or have you even done that much?


If you have done nothing then the default is Guest pays you on check-in arrival date.


In some cases depending on the Rate Plan type you created, and the felxibility it has set, guest may not be charged until day before or on arrival date.


If still not clear phone BdC Support. to review how you are setup.


Kind Regards


Mel 5 months ago

Your response is quite rude, Brook. Kindly mind your tone when responding to inquiries.