How to enable pay in advance for the guest

I would like to know how I can create an option where the guest will need to pay in advance.

I see that guests are abusing the free cancellation policy and some will book without even showing up to the property and pay. We're just losing revenue here. 

And the problem is that I don't have an option where I only want to be paid by a credit card under Guest payment options. 


BrookAve 2 years ago



Hi Camille,


So there are two different main routes to this .

  1. Guest Prepays BdC at time of booking
  2. Guest Prepays Partner directly or via a 3rd party service( not BdC).



Option two while being typically the better option, for someone new option 1 and signing up for Payments by Booking is the ideal starter method.



Yes they can be utter belends in BdC , and say partner does not qualify as a new partner until they complete a few stays.



But those same bellends, are shortsighted and do not realise that not everyone can take payments on arrival, so they end up shooting themselves in the foot, when new partners rage quit and go elsewhere.



Isle of Wight [ a partner] has said it very clearly on here many times, if BdC do not play ball with new partners and provide Payments by Booking by default with only reasonable requirements,
then simply tell BdC you will go to the competition if they do not comply with your sign up request for it.


So in order to bypass all that drama,,,,option2.


Some just want things prepaid and have little to no admin of money handling. Thats fair enough but there still is balances and checks to be done before we get to that stage.


One such option is using a booking engine /website that integrates with a PMS/channel manager and its all managed in one place across 2 or more OTA ( BdC, AirBnb, etc)


so lets say you dont want to do anything of that, what is left:

  • basically you enable prepaid in Property > Policies
  • you setup all payment methods you can find and can easily use, add them to the message template for New Reservations, with time limit, process explained, and note that if they failed to prepay the full amount within the 48 hours (minimum is 24h) or x days, they void the reservation.
    • bank  transfer
    • paypal
    • payment service providers
      • square, sumup, izettle - gogle for more
      • these providers also have a portal where you can generate a payment link and then the guest can use multi-pay options to pay it. not just limited to CC/VCC. apple pay, google pay etc.
    • online money transfer companies
      • transferwise aka wise
  • The great thing about this is you have alot more control over no shows, cancellations 


I know it may seem like a lot to take in, but its all worth it once you are up to speed.


If you still want to do the payments yourself, the same payment gateway provider list i mentioned above still applies, you just need to find one that works in your country, and ca n cover both CC and VCC.




Kind regards.


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Janita - Accou… 2 years ago

Hi Camille, 

Please reach out to the Partner Services team via your Inbox for more specific options for your listing.