How to join into the Booking.com payment?

I have a property and I have already set up everything on Booking.com except the payout. I am waiting for joining into Booking.com payment for about nine months but still didn’t get any response. 


I called Booking.com customer service for over ten times but none of them provide me the assistance or valuable info. And each customer services gave me different explanation. 


Some of them told me that I need to open the property and get some reservations first. They asked me to choose CASH ONLY option first. However, the thing is I cannot go there to collect the cash and that’s why I didn’t open my property. It seems to be an endless cycle.


Anyone has the experience of this?

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your unicorn 2 months ago



I have property in south korea. Hope I help you as tell you my experience.
Once we started business first time, the booking.com system only gave us one payment option.

Which is guest will pay here by cash or card.  they dont allow prepayment first time. i dont know why..lol

After few month later, booking.com will give us another option. which is prepayment.

So the prepayment function need to waiting and we must work with booking.com for  few month.

It quite strict rules.
You can ask your guest about payment transfer like a paypal first. or

just correct payment during guests stay!


Thank you!

Zhenghong Kang 2 months ago

Thank you! Yes this is quite strict which brought hosts a lot of inconvenience