How to make credit card mandatory for making a booking

I receive too many fake bookings as it is not mandatory for a guest to put in credit card details. I have been trying to figure out how to do this but the information page is not well structured - just can't figure that out- pls help  The big hassle is some guest make bookings for 30 days and you know it's a fake booking but you can't do anything about it as can't cancel tiil  the date of booking and till then you have lost lots of new potential reservations 

Michael & Vict… 1 year ago

Hi Samir

In the policies section you can add that you accept credit card bookings and in the prepayment section you can put that you want to receive this before the cancellation period.  That way guests will need to pay a deposit upon booking.  You need a credit card reader so that you can send them a payment link - I am just setting myself up with Zettle to do the same thing.  They then put their details in and the money goes to your bank.  If they cancel you will be responsible for refunding them but you can do that through Zettle as well.  Good luck.