How To Pay Invoices using an International Money Transfer service


In the last few years there has been anexplosion of new types of banks and 'cheaper payment transfers', and better real time exchange rates.


Some in the UK embraced MONZA the smart phone app bank.

Starling, N26 and a few others also popped up in EU.


I myself signed for REVOLUT. -  https://www.revolut.com/


  • I get a much better exchange rate from euro to other and back.
  • Can have multiple currency wallets
  • Different bank fee levels on monthly sub. Free, Metal, Platinum etc.
  • Manage and buy stocks, crypto currencies etc.




You can choose from the two methods provided on the Finance Overview page.


  1. Direct Debit, click the text link aka hyperlink to establish a mandate for BdC Finance system to pull funds form your bank account to auto pay when due.
  2. BdC Bank Account Info - Use this to add this account as a PAYEE on your bank account or online bank or online payment transfer service** such as REVOLUT, TransferWise(WISE), etc.


** An online transfer service typically is much cheaper than most personal bank current account SEPA/IBAN and Switt payments, especially when there is a exchange rate conversion involved.




  • After signing up for REVOLUT on your smart phone, you add your local currency or bank currency funds as a top up.


  • That local currency wallet on REVOLUT, is then usable to auto convert to any other currency supported as its own additional wallet.

  • Add the BdC bank info as a PAYEE ,and for the remittance note add both the PartnerID followed by the Invoice number (and nothing else).
    • example
      • 1234567  2314567890


  • If asked for an email address for the recipient , just add your own email address.
  • Now you can send payment.




Other similar services :



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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Thanks Barry for sharing this great info...


You are right...technology is going too fast for us...


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