HowTo Pay By Credit Card option - Commission Invoice


Hell has actually frozen over... yep I just saw it with my own two eyes...


  • There is now an option to ... wait for it... pay commission invoice by Credit Card.
  • The reason you dont see this option is because its hidden until requested ..... i .... what ?
  • yep hidden until requested.... yep I know what you're thinking right now ...
  • The sheer stupidity of that is not lost on me.  ./facepalm

  • All you need do is 'Send A message Request for it to Partner support'
    • "Please enable the Credit Card Payment Button under Finance for paying commission invoices"

  • The pain for new people that could have been avoided if this was done ages ago and listed as a topic .
  • As to when this actually became a thing its hard to say, still waiting on a response to that question.


NOTE : this may not be allowed for every country.

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Didem - Community Manager  could you get a list of countries that this feature is available for so I can add it on here please and thanks.


That way people in non supported countries are not wasting their time looking for it.


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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

I agree BrookAve  

 New partners are totally lost…I have been searching for hours to find a simple thing…but I have time…most partners cannot waste their time in searching…


Hope BDC can make these simple changes…