I am not getting the CVV from the costumers credit cards in the extranet ¿Any one else has this same problem?

Firstly i was receiving all credit card details directly on the extranet and/or my channel manager. However, since a few days I have noticed that the CVV is not included. I have tried calling Costumer Service, sending messages into the Inbox but nobody is providing clear communication. The last call I was advised that since most POS worldwide don't request the CVV to charge a card booking.com does not provide this information. Which doesn't seem to be correct. 

¿Can anyone help me regarding this matter? I really need to be able to process the payment for all the non refundable bookings in advance. 

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pibomarco 4 years ago

In extranet under policies, It was able to opt in if CVV is required or not some time back. I don't know how is it now, because I use "Payments by BDC". Check again your policies. 

It is correct though that most POS machines do not need CVV code. Mine doesn't.