I didn't receive payment from Booking


Is there anybody else from Slovenia with the same issue? 

I am Aleksandra from Slovenia and I have not received payment (1.080 EUR) for the reservation from 16 September. On extranet booking wrote that the payment was sent on 1 October 2022 but this is untrue.

When I call them, they are not able to help at all, just tell me to send the message on extranet. When I send the message no one replies. This is frustrating as you do not have any person to talk about the issue. I asked booking.com to send the proof of payment but they just reply that the payment was sent out on 1 October 2022, which is untrue. The other reply is that I need to wait 10 days, after 10 days they said that I need to wait 15 days. Now it is 17 October and I still didn’t receive the money.

In August, they overpaid me around 3.000 EUR and I returned them all back on 3 October, but on 14 October now I received an email that I still owe them money. The overpaid was due to booking.com technical error.

I am afraid that I will never get the payment. Do you have any suggestions or plan who to proceed?