I do not receive assistance from booking.com

Good Day!
I am host from the Philippines and I have been trying to contact booking.com thru e-mail for a week now about my guests who are not paying for their stay. My guests say that they have already paid via CC or debit card but since last year I have opted out from payments by booking.com. It breaks my heart from people saying that I'm a scam. I haven't been getting any replies or actions from booking.com, I have also been trying to call their contact numbers but I can't reach them. What other action should I take? I hope someone sees this. 
Thank you so much in advance!

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Hi Rovygaddi18

I 've read your message.

Have you tried to reach the help-team? you login via Extranet and then look for the Inbox tab.

Then you will see a space where you can fill in your question.

Start with urgent starting your question.

Let us now how you get on.

waiting for your reply,


Aaltje B. New Zealand.

Rovygaddi18 4 years ago

Hello Aaltje!
Thank you for your reply. Yes, I messaged them so many times already. I also made a misconduct complain but until now I haven't heard from anyone. I don't know what else I should do. When it comes to other matters especially when my guests make complaints I get notices so fast but when I message booking.com for my concerns it takes months or they never resolve it.
Kind Regards,

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pibomarco 4 years ago

Ask the guest that they point out where on their confirmation list is written that the booking was already paid. Or they can show the bank statement where the money was deducted from their account.
Information about the card is needed just to secure the booking.

Rovygaddi18 4 years ago

Pibomarco, thank you for that advice.

Yes, he told me that he will go to the bank tomorrow, 2 days ago. But because the banks are closed due to the weekend he couldn't get the needed infromation. Thank you so much for helping out. God Bless You!