I do not want cash payments at the villa

I see at some listings a green box wit the text:

No credit card needed to book. We'll send you an email confirming your reservation.

How do I activate this? I do not want people to pay at the villa, since sometimes it is a lot of money and the risk of cancellation is just to big. I want to send people an invoice upfront so they can wire the payment. 

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Fleur Rutten


Are you absolutely sure you what to handle the payment process yourself directly?

Have you really though it through, and the implications?


Enabling under Finance> Get Paid: Payments By BdC, mean zero drama and hassle.


Setting up your Rate Plans correctly you can have it entire as prepay to BdC, then after checkout for that period or monthly on 15th BdC deduct commission and payout to bank


This is the best case scenario.


If you still want to handle directly then:


Setup New Reservation Automatic messages to inform from the first line that prepayment is required and which methods you accept, (IBAN SEPA transfer; Paypal; Revolut;Monza; etc)

Make sure you cancellation policy is correctly set to minimize risk but remember if they don't prepay and just turn up, which I have heard in some countries/regions has happened.


Kind Regards


If you still want to talk to a BdC Support Advisor simply go to Inbox, Booking Messages, click on Contact Us.


Note:: adding your property link to your partner profile helps other partners help and advise you.


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Sharonpowney 4 years ago

Also, look at this from the guests point of view.  If I was travelling, I wouldn't wire money to someone I didn't know before I had turned up at the accommodation and checked it out.

BrookAve 4 years ago

Maybe but also consider this is the norm for many in places , regions you are not based in.

That easy to forget when seeing different regions post, is that they are not where you live.

Fleur Rutten 4 years ago

Thanks all so much for the answers. Unfortunately there is no BdC option in my dashboard. I would love to use it but it is not available. People are paying deposits on all other platforms I use, it is just too risky to wait if people show up if they did not pay a deposit. I still can not find anywhere the Green box that seems to be a Booking design that says No Credit Card Needed We will send you an email...like on this listing: http://www.booking.com/Share-DOnjiOa

I can only choose the cash payments in the finance menu and this is something that I do not want. By the way my listing is http://www.booking.com/Share-EMox97V

Thanks for your help