I got an invoice

I got an invoice of commissions but I did not have any guests yet. I already got an answer from someone in partner help and I gave the number of invoice, but then I got a new note to pay it immediately and now I got message that booking.com will close my account if I am not going to pay. How can I pay when I did not have any guests at all?

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hello Wilhelmiina Virolainen, if you got an invoice when you have not received guests, is probable that you got a booking and either of the following options could have happened:

1) Guest cancelled after free cancellation policy ended and a penalty would apply.

2) Guest cancelled a non-refundable rate.

3) Guest did not show to your property and there is a penalty for not showing up according to your policy.

For the 1st and 3rd option, the system asks you if you wish to waive the penalty charge, if you clicked on "no", then it means that you have charged the guest and therefore, there is a commission for that income. For the 2nd option, as the policy is non-refundable, the policy does not accept waiving charges. 

Now, if you did not charge a guest for any of the above options, then you need to select "yes" on waiving penalty but also change the payment status as "invalid Credit Card" so that the system is informed that the property did not get an income for this booking as there was no CC to charge.

Remember that our systems do most things automatically, so if partners do not mark a no show, or mark an invalid Credit Card, the system assumes the guest arrived and that you charged the corresponding penalty and therefore, generates an invoice.

If you want to know more about No-Shows, please check out this link.

Hope this helps.