I have a guest make a reservation. How do I get paid? Does Bookings handle the transaction or do I have to contact the guest directly for payment?

There is no indication in the reservation that any transaction has been completed with payment. If Bookings handles the transaction, how do they get the payment to me?

BrookAve 3 years ago


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By default if you have not setup Getting Paid etc, and not setup options like prepaid, Online Payments or Payments by Booking....


then nothing will happen, other than guest can book , auto confirmed, turn up on check-in date, and they expect you to take payment on arrival.


If that is fine for you then you done need to do much other than explain and add the payment policy into your auto message template for new bookings and also in tto the check-in template.


You can sign up for this Partner Offer with SumUp for a card reader and secondly request them to provide service option for taking remote payments.




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