I have had money deducted from due payouts, without valid reason.

I received a message advising booking .com had paid me a sum in error of 305.04 euros, dated 18.9.22. I checked the figure and found it related to a guest that stayed in early August 2022. I sent a message advising that it was a valid booking and not an error. A message later appeared saying it had been paid twice??? On checking my bank account I again advised this was not the case.

I also pointed out that I had a guest payment outstanding from them. They had frozen payments to me till sufficient client monies had been collected so they could deduct the supposed error from me. (305.04).

I have tried phoning, no one answers. I have used the feedback response as my only means of contact.

I have in the past asked on many occasions for a channel of communication. Yet it falls on deaf ears.