I have lost my confirmation code and payment problem with my extranet

I have problem concerning my extranet and payment am unable to get in contact with you as it is asking for confirmation code

I really need help

I have now got a new reservation and am unable to view the booking on my reservation

Please call me its the 4th time am sending you a message for help

I will not be able to accept any reservation and doesn't want any problem

My number is +230 57898601

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Hi Villa-bleu and welcome to the forum.
This is a space to chat and advise with other Booking.com partners, and it sounds like your issue would be best resolved from one of the booking.com support teams. You can reach out to them via your Extranet Inbox tab and send your request or give them a call.
Sorry for your problems and wish you good luck.