I have paid my last invoice to the old Booking.com bank account

Booking.com has recently changed their bank account.

I always pay my invoices on time but due to the bank change I didn't noticed and paid the way I usually do, on line, on time.

One day next after invoice was due, I got a reminder it was overdue. 

Contacted booking.com and forward my on-line banking statement. This was done on three separate occasions, via extranet, phone call and messages. All of them ignored/not answered.

Today I received a message my account has been suspended.

Called ‭+44 20 3684 7923‬ and pressed option 3 (invoices and payments) and the person that answer was from reservations, not finance. I have asked to speak to finance and was informed there is no way to speak to finance departments. 

Any advice on how to speak to them?






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fluff 3 years ago

You must make contact through the Extranet messaging system and be sure to select finance as your subject matter.

Send proof of the payment made as an attachment, BDC finance can then track the payment and advise you on the procedure necessary to recover it.