I was scammed

I find it so disgusting and sad that  these  fraudsters can also be found here, i got a last minute booking plus airport pick up, after getting his flight itinerary, A driver was sent to pick him up. Guest calls me few minutes later that he is stuck with immigration cos they couldnt process his bank cards to pay for his visa on arrival, he asked me to send the equivalent of $100 to him in my currency which would be refunded once he left the airport.

To be honest, I wasnt too bothered because he is a booking.com guest, I felt safe

When I refused he became agressive, I had to pay a decent amount to the taxi company. 

What is more annoying is i tried reporting the guest to booking, but its been so frustrating. I have attached the response received from the website when i tried to report the guest.




BrookAve 3 years ago




Sorry to  hear, there should be no sense of entitlement to that , and many would not even ask, but i get he felt stuck and had no choice either.

 i can also understand him getting hot and bothered due to his situation, but again its not your responsibility.


He should have sorted his visa before travelling , end oif.


So i guess he never actually turned up then?

AS for the taxi company booked to pick him up, i'm guessing they didnt get to  since he couldnt leave the airport? if that was the case that Taxi company shouldnt be charging you anything, as both technically and legally they did not actually provide the service, even for a no show.


Reporting Guest using the Reservation details page > Report Guest on right pane, and then fill out and tick box  - Block Future bookings from this Guest.


Is that what you did or are you only talking about messaging / phone call Partner Support?



he was never at the airport, i could tell from background noise whilst on the phone. Besides, it s an airport, they should be able to process a credit card or whatever card for that matter, plus there are several bureau de change on ground to sort out his foreign currency. it was a scam, 

yes he didnt turn up

and yes i was still charged by taxi company cos they fulfilled their end of the bargain......imagine if there are 5/6 requests of such with no-shows, who pays for their time and diesel ?

in my initial message, I had attached a screenshot of the error I keep getting when trying to submit report via Reservation details page.........guess you missed that.


just got a last minute booking few seconds ago...........same guy.