I would like to understand recent VAT deductions for our place, Nirvana, in Struisbaai, South Africa. For a very long time no Value Added Tax was deducted by Booking.com. Why now?

Someone told me that VAT only applies if you run a company with an income in access of R 1 million. We have only one room with en suite bathroom, which means that our income is waaaaaay less than that! It also begs the question what happens with all the past payouts that we have received with NO VAT deductions.

BrookAve 3 years ago

Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.

Posting something like this will not result in any action at all.



You should first consult your local tax laws.

Speak to an actual accountant, to advise you what you should ask BdC for if anything needs t obe followed up.


THen message BdC Support the request.


Nothing else can be done to advise further here  for finance and tax related topics.


Also increase your rate plans accordingly , remove or reduce discounts etc...


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