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Incorrect application of witholding tax

I am a property situated in Goa, India. Till March 2023 i was charged a 1% witholding Tax as i had submitted again the required documents required and linked my Aadhar Card to My PAN Number. I has also uploaded my income Tax returns proof as requested. 

Despite the submissions i was issued an invoice for a 5% witholding tax from March 2023 instead of the prescribed 1%. I immediately disputed this Invoice by writing a letter to the finance department who promised to look into the matter. Despite my repeated letters reminding them i was continued to be invoiced 5% instead of 1%. I refused to make payment of the error invoice and have been repeatedly requesting corrected invoices. 

my property was suspended in december for outstanding payments and other that receiving automated messaged for payments due my requests for corrected invoices have not been addressed.

Has anyone had a similar issue and can i get some advice how to contact the finance team directly and get the issue sorted out?