Incorrect statement and disappointment with Booking.com letting us down in December with so many no shows and last minute cancellations.

My statement is incorrect.

I have been charged TWICE for a guest that cancelled and I was informed they had cancelled through the medium they booked so we took them off our system ( Nightsbridge) to which booking.com is linked.

Name: ****** - she cancelled on the 20th December.

You charged me twice for this booking too.

I have taken it off the commision and paid R1897.00 plus 15% VAT of R284.55 = Total R2181.55

One more important point: In South Africa Decemebr/ January holidays is our Summer so our busiest period.

Our policy is always a 50% deposit because in SA people will book and not show. Its so easy.

Booking.com were informed of our policy when signing up but you chose to ingnore it and we get NO CC details as back up ( not even on the link) and when asked for deposits guest get really upset as they book through booking.com which says no deposit necessary so lost R 42 715 of income due solely to no shows and last minute cancellations - ALL done through booking.com

We support a community. We support upliftment and education in the poorest of our regions in Zululand and then we have this so have to withdraw support.

Not good enough Booking.com


Seonaid Beningfield

BrookAve 3 years ago

Yeah after digesting that I can see a mix of different expectations versus misinformation.


It is important to understand the difference and implications of direct and indirect payments, along with full prepaid or partial.


There are Pros V Cons to both. But the only realistic way to reduce risk is to make it prepaid in full and collected via BdC VCC or Payments by BdC.

With the new PSD2 /.SCA conditions which may not apply to south Africa for EU guests, this prepaid method will make you exempt from what i have read.