invalid credit card details

Dear booking.com hosts!

We have received two bookings at our B&B with missing CVC codes (invalid credit card details).  So I notified the guest that their booking shows invalid, but they didn't changed it.  The policy is that it's a non-refundable option they agreed on when they made the booking. 

Would you take the change to trust them and leave the reservation as is? Or would you cancel their reservation?

We recently had 2/3 guests who made bookings and cancelled a day or two before arrival and only then we discovered that their credit card details were also not valid. So actually they blocked potential bookings. 


Love to hear your thoughts!




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pibomarco 4 years ago

If I remember correctly, if you require CVC code you must mark (enable) this feature in extranet under policies. Some POS machines does not require CVC code (such as mine) to proccess the payments. 

Gondeville Gîtes 4 years ago


Under payments, you must ask for cvc details to be given.

my pos machine will also process a card payment (vente à distance or VAD) without the cvc.

im sure this ‘catches’ some guests out!!

Under your policies, fine print etc.  You can Say,  “the full amount will be taken 30,20,10...days before arrival.” whatever works for you.

At least that way, if the card details are invalid, booking.com ask the guest for other card details, they have 24 hours to reply, & if they don’t, you have the option to cancel the booking.

good luck