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I have been sent an invoice for a cancelled booking.  How do i deal with this as i cant speak to anyone at booking. com

Five Valleys A… 1 year ago

Try calling the general reservation line and then just give your hotel property number....

It's frustrating isn't it.


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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hello kris d jones,

When you receive an invoice from a cancelled booking, it is probably because it was a non-refundable rate or when cancelled, you denied waiving the cancellation fee and the system takes it as if you had collected the money from that cancellation, hence issues an invoice.

You would need to contact the Customer Service team and ask them to contact the guest and request them a proof of charge either bank statement, invoice from you, etc. CS will give the guest about two weeks to supply the proof of charge, if nothing is submitted, you can then message Credit Control on the inbox tab under Booking messages requesting to remove the invoice as the guest was not able to proof they were charged and hence, no commission should be issued.

To avoid these type of situations from repeating, I suggest you verify weekly if all bookings that cancelled or were no shows and that you did NOT receive an income from them, are showing "Commission $0). If they show an amount, then go into the booking, click on "Invalid Credit Card" to inform the system that you did not get paid. At the beginning of the month (try first two days of next month) review the reservations again to make sure there are commissions applied to the bookings you did receive an income or that they stayed at your property so you avoid invoices issued incorrectly.

Hope this helps!