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Invoice paid - PLEASE CONFIRM

Hi, am the new owner of Deepcut Lodge Bed & Breakfast - 1725870. The property is still (unfortunately) going through the transfer of ownership and am in loss of revenue to the long time taken to do this process!! I have been using the previous owner's account to manage previous booking and anything from 6th of February till now I have been invoiced for. I have made a payment already to to avoid this being an excuse for more delays.

Can you please check you have received the payment for the latest invoice of £355.31. Can you also please let the property be bookable online again. I simply cannot believe how long this whole process if taking. It's very very disappointing of how slow this has been and also to have blocked the property from receiving any bookings for nearly a whole week now which means as a small run business, I have had no revenue since no bookings!!!! I guess doesn't care about it so long they are continuing to receive other partners' commissions. But as a small family run business, this has really impacted me. 

Can you please assist in getting the property to be opened for bookings asap please? I will really appreciate your help with this.