Invoice Payment issue

We are facing some issue regarding the payment of commission to booking.com. Basically we are situated in Pakistan . I just got the invoice by booking.com. But there is no option to pay them the commission . Secondly, I can't find the option of adding our banking details . So is that option closed ? Therefore we can't pay them throught online transection. Kindly help us out and let us know the proper way to pay our invoice.  

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BrookAve 3 years ago




1. Payment method and info location:


This is displayed on Extranet. under Finance Overview.

It will likely be the bank info along with IBAN for account you must transfer into.

Link to : 



2. Adding Partner banking info to set up direct debit 

For hassle-free commission payment, register online for direct debit

This is on the very same page. - Register online for direct debit.



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BrookAve 3 years ago


All you need to make an iban payment in most cases is :

  • IBAN:
  • Acocunt Name :


then logon to your online banking and set up a payee for reuse, and then Send Money to that Payee.