invoice problems

We've been with booking.com for three years. First two, no problems. This last year has been a constant mess of computer issues, overbookings (platform fault, yet they still demanded their commission) and now a non stop mess of invoicing.

Was invoiced in January for December. Found that I was shorted a payment, booking.com collects and then remits payment), yet they still charged me full commission. I emailed with a question of why this was done and was told it was a booking-sponsored benefit promotional discount for customers. Why they dragged me into this I don't know. It had nothing to do with my end, just bad bookkeeping on theirs. Called and emailed. The agents I spoke to understood and agreed with my statements. They said they would send it on to the finance department. No answer or communication from them EXCEPT to tell me to payment was overdue. I've always paid; it's my end of the contract. So I finally paid minus the amount that was originally owed to me. The invoice shows still to be paid. No mention of the money that was paid, yet I have proof from my bank statement that I did pay it.

Then I get a credit note for the commission that was asked for in error. Full commission was credited. ????

Not necessary in the first place, I have no idea why this was done. No explanation from anyone. So now I have a credit due me.

Next, get an invoice for the month of January. It's correct. But now I have two invoices outstanding as per booking.com. I have a credit note that they didn't apply to the next invoice that is sitting on my account (?).

Still no resolution to the first problem, and no acknowledgment of money paid.

Next message is a long one saying I owe them money. Pay up,. ABSOLUTELY no mention of the problem, no explanations for anything. No mention of money paid already.

Called again. Was told by agent that she would investigate and call me back. No call back.

I would like to pay the SECOND invoice, but knowing how things are going, they'll just say it was payment for the first one. I still owe for the second one. And the money I paid already up in smoke, or someone's pocket. And a credit note that just sits there and means nothing.

Horrible company to deal with. No customer service. Constant scam. 

I will make it my mission to post on all socials from now on explaining my experience so far and let other people both hosts and guest to make up their minds whether to use this site or not.

All the fancy commercials and marketing in the world cannot make up for bad behavior.

SUNANDANA MUDA… 1 year ago

Hello Renata,

I regret to inform you that I have received an email with invoice 1585660600 dated 03/02/2023 for the payment of LKR 8,845.21, unfortunately no gusts arrived to my property or no payments received. Hence, kindly delete this invoice in the system, otherwise please send the payment information if I collected.

I am really disappointed on this unethical invoicing and kindly remove my account from the Booking.com, as I am not interested have any reservations from Booking.com.

Best Regards,

S. Mudannayake.