I have received an invoice for commissions but booking. Com take this before tbey pay me why has this happened?

BrookAve 1 year ago


  • we all got that. 
  • its just a summary for  the month.
  • i too use Payments By Booking, so its auto deducted before payout like you said.
  • and as it also says it only actually takes a payment if the balance is higher than the payout ,which it never is.

  • Note : I suspected its caused by when the end of month date falls, and if there is a booking overlapping it too.

  • mine says auto payment deducted on 16th july if applicable. I have the Direct Debit option enabled.

  • Either way we should find out before the 16th july, I would say by the first week ly payout date, Tues12th we should see if it has adjusted itself.