The Invoicehas been issued of of Booking for the month of April with number 1574015599 ..... and with an amount of 15.75 euro .... However, because the data has been changed and the business has been transferred .... the reservation with number 2759934855 on 8/4/2022  must be issued by a separate invoice from you, to the old TAXES NUMBER that existed then .... This must be done , becouse we have transfer a receipt(for the costumer) to the goverment with the old Taxes Number...The old TAXES NUMBER  was 042737429 Polixeni V. Giorgoulaki .... All other reservations must be ISSUED  to the new TAXES NUMBER  128300415 Nikolaos V. Giorgoulakis .. So,  the reservation with No. 2759934855 must be issued at TAXES NUMBER 042737429..and the reservation with No. 2957153558 must be ISSUED at TAXES NUMBER 128300415 .. The Booking Team from Greece dont understand this ...........and they tald me that they cant do this... Please Give me some Help ... The ID number of the apartments is 338345 Villa Xenia - Nikos Giorgoulakis