Hello, i need your help in invoice issue regarding my property

Hotel Avista Lifestyle (***) in Amritsar. I want to clear my all due invoices but i didn't understand total amount of all invoices. Kindly please help me out.

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Bharat Thakur 3 years ago

Hi Amandeep

You can check the invoice amount in the finance section and can make the payment for the same on the given account number of Booking.com team


In case of multiple invoices, total the amount and make the payment and then send the receipt to them via message section.


In case of  any dispute, you will have to open the breakup of total invoice for the month and select reservations you want to flag for dispute and then wait for them to reply. If time has already passed for doing so, you will have to pay the entire amount. So, its better to mark guest as no-show or cancel reservation immediately and not wait for the invoice to come and then do the needful.



Bharat Thakur

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