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I tried to pay my invoice (first one) thru the bank but i didn't have the option to put property ID, and invoice number, so i created paypal account but now i dont see it on the external website. payment is due tomorrow and i dont know what to do. please help. 


BrookAve 2 years ago


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You can only use the methods under Finance Overview . Paypal is not an options for many of us, so unless yourt country has it listed there, it is NOT an option.


Method 1: use the sign up for direct debit.  [Easy way, less admin tasks for you to do]

Method2: use the IBAN bank info to add BdC as a Payee  to your bank account so you can later send transfers manually.


Note when adding a payee or during the transfer wiazrd on most banking web portals or phone bank app, there will be a remittance note field.

simply add at a minimum the PN xxxxxxx 

or PN xxxxxxx IN xxxxxxxxxx


If you are still struggling , phone BdC Support.



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