Invoices paid, property closed

Hello, I hope everyone is well.

I'm reaching out here as a last resort because honestly, I don't know who else to contact. 
Booking has closed my establishment despite having settled all the invoices. 
It's been almost a month now since my establishment is closed, and I've had to call the partner service at least 10 times to ask them to reopen.

 All they tell me is that they will pass on the information to the financial department. They are trying to reassure me, but it's always the same.

 No feedback from this elusive department, neither through messages nor calls. 
It's starting to have an impact because, as a small hotel, we relied heavily on Booking for clientele. 
It's regrettable to close the establishment of a partner who always pays the bills and has always been honest. 
Not a single response. "Don't worry, we apologize, we'll get back to you as soon as possible," is what they tell me on the phone every time. 
What can I do to resolve my situation, please? I hope you can help. 
Best regards, and I hope you've never been in such