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Good morning from Kapatean Tasos Suites!

We have changed the payment method recently to virtual card  so I have some questions.. We have a check out today for the reservation ( Booking number: 2812763712) that was paid by booking.com virtual card. I kindly wish to ask if we issue invoice to Booking.com or a receipt in the name of the client for this reservation? Also the reservation states that there is no commission for this reservation. Why is that?

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply!

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Virginia Sakka

BrookAve 1 year ago


  • if and only if the guest was a business traveller  booked as a business traveller then you ask them for their business details so you ca ngenerate a invoice template to include them 
  • and ask for their work email address, and export it as a PDF from MS Excel or google sheets to that email address.
  • joe bloggs on holidays wont be asking for it. since only business traveller can expense it.


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