Is it possible to modify a reservation that is currently checked in? (And has already stayed for one or more nights?)

Hi there,

Our guest had originally booked and paid for a room at our motel for five nights, although she had just decided to check out early (today), only staying with us for two nights.
So of the five nights that the guest had already paid Booking.com for, we have now processed two nights on the virtual card provided. Is it possible to have the remaining balance of refunded directly to the guest's account via virtual card?

Also, we tried using the "Mark as a no-show" feature as an attempt to manually modify the reservation down to two nights (since it did not give us the option to "Change reservation dates & prices" due to it being the 3rd day of check-in time), although the option to adjust the exact amount of the no-show fee was unavailable. It'd be a nice feature for Extranet to incorporate, unless there's actually another workaround that us partners have full control over!

Please advise how we would go about solving this issue for next time.



BrookAve 4 years ago



Hi Darren 


As this is partner community and not a direct line to support team  ,they will never see this.


You need to use the extranet to message them with all that above.


The moderator script will strip out all those references shortly.



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Phil Elliot 4 years ago

Hi Barry,

Thanks for the quick response! I updated the message in hopes that it may still be useful for myself and/or others.

Never in my life have I experienced a company make it ANYWHERE near as difficult as this was to receive technical support ? ...me and the guest were in my office scrolling / clicking everywhere throughout each of our devices until we both gave up after almost half an hour ?‍♂️ 
Thankfully after enough searching I found "See contact options" under Inbox.

Thanks again,