last minuet cancellation

how will i get the payment of guest ,in case of last minuet cancellation or no show for the direct

payment billing, is there any guarantee  card details policies while booking rooms for the security 

purpose. kindly advice.


BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Parijatha Gateway


So the simple answer is without know more about how you are setup from payment methods, to rate plan type, there are so many scenarios.

I just checked your partner profile for a property link to try find out that info, but found it missing.


Please take the time to put the Listing URL into your profile, see my signature below for link on How -To. Its helps us help you.


Typical worst case scenario is a last minute booking is made with no prepayment via Booking.com website. Meaning if they do not show or cancel you essentially get nothing.


Of course if your cancel policy stipulates for both refundable and non refundable , that 50% or 100% is still due, unless you can contact the guest over phone, and ask for card details there is not much you can do other than use the report guest feature in the booking details page.


Do you have a virtual terminal for taking payments over phone?


sumup.com have a special sign up for Booking.com (which can be used for other OTAs too)

payrexx.com are similar.


If you can at all sign up for Payments by Booking.com, especially for lastminute bookings this is a godsend and covers your ass.

As Isle of Wight Partner will tell you , prepayments are golden and a must.







Kind Regards



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