Latest price commission policy change

I was very surprised to see that partners will now be charged full commision on extra charges, such as service and cleaning fees etc.

Just recently they started to charge an extra 1.1% to handle payments. Now they are charging commision on extra charges.

Let's look at who actually gets affected by this blatant greed.

A cleaning fee of $20 (for example) goes to pay the cleaning crew. Now I only will get $17. I still need to pay the staff the same amount. So now the 3$ comes out of my pocket. 

I have budgets and revenues to maintain, so my only option is to increase my daily rate. Increasing my daily rate means booking.com is no longer the cheapest booking engine around, because other platforms have better or different structures.

This in turn affects partners who rely on the booking.com reputation.

Needless to say that the service is still lacking. Nothing has improved.

I am still waiting for a reply on an email about a cancelled booking. (Over 2 weeks now)

The Pulse app and the Extranet still has bugs in it, with no sign of being fixed.


I am not sure that the term PARTNER is fully understood by Booking.com


This continuous changing of policies and contracts without notice is starting to make me feel that Booking.com is a risk to my business, not a benefit.


BrookAve 3 years ago




Yeah I think we all feel the same , but it is what it is and I just move on.


Tweaking prices, increasing the extras facotring in the commission % is the only way to deal with it for now.


Or just take the extras as local charges paid on check in or out. thne no commission paid on it.




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