list not avaiable

I listed a apartmant but it´s not avaiable to rentals. 

BrookAve 3 years ago


So if I understand correctly, you joined 6 hours ago, added a listing and you cannot view it as live.


This would be correct for something so new. However you can preview or check it also via :

  • Top right click on the second circle icon just next to Account. This icon is typically named after the listing name.
  • Under it a drop down appears, with the same name, PropertyID and then a link 'View property;
  • Click on this and the listing will open.


Dont forget you need to setup under property  : Rooms, Rate Plans , Policies etc. before setting availability in the Calender


Kind Regards

TIP: : Once you have the url link for your property , update your profile with it so other partners can view it for when helping with questions

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hello rodrigo henrique garcia de lima! Thank you for posting in the Community! Firstly, let me ask you some clarifying questions in order to help you better. Did you finish your registration? Do you have access to Extranet? Looking forward to your answer. Best regards!