Looking for VCC Virtual Terminal Providers



So I discovered while sumup.com provide card reader they also provide A service know as Virtual Terminal. 


This is a dashboard add on service to supplement your sumup card device but purely for accommodating non physical card charging payments against.


It turns out the waiting list is long and no definitive period to process.

The region/ country,  is Ireland & uk.

This is terrible as I can't  wait for weeks only to find out I dont qualify at the end.

I suspect major incompetence from them due to things I spotted like one of their screening questions was :

What is you website or facebook page?


I had replied its accommodation on multiple websites so it doesn't apply. I.e. BDC, its group sites and affiliated.


The response I got immediately to that was 'oh well you need one'.


At which point I was ready to vent at their stupidity. 

I am curious to see who my fellow irish & uk partners use to collect VCC payments or direct card payments when it's not in person.??


I'm hoping to short list ,review and pick one asap.



Kind regards

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pibomarco 4 years ago

When I asked our local SUMUP support for Virtual Terminal (I already use their services).

"In order to be able to process your request after approval of the Virtual Terminal, we kindly ask you to send us the following information in response to this message:


1. A brief description of your business type and a description of the products and / or services you offer.

2. Link to your business website or Facebook page.

3. The expected average and maximum value of one transaction without the presence of a card.

4. Expected volume of monthly payment transactions without card presence.

5. Will you be able to send us an invoice or payment receipt without the presence of a card if we require it for verification purposes?"


Those are basicly preventive measures to confirm your business.. it should be presented legit as possible. I think those actions are needed to prevent possible money laundring, people trying to avoid paying taxes etc.. Since it basicly enables you to receive payouts from this terminal to the foreign "bank" account such as Payoneer..